This years Tri is in Rememberance of a Great Principal who dedicated her life to education and children.  Dr. Kari McGowan will be missed by many!

2023 Tri Medals are in.  Get yours by finishing!  See you there!


– The Largest & Longest Running Reverse Sprint Pool Triathlon on the West Coast –

37th Annual Tinsel Triathlon & 5K
City of Hemet


Tinsel Triathlon & 5K

Reverse Sprint Pool Triathlon

Championed as the longest and largest independently owned reverse sprint pool triathlon on the West Coast, certainly an ideal end-of-the-season endurance race. We really dig the new triathlete; and what that means is this is the perfect venue for anyone who has always wanted to be a triathlete! We are also an awesome setting for the seasoned triathlete. What better way to get your game on … Reverse Sprint Pool Triathlon!
The run takes place in a scenic, calm area of West Hemet, California in Riverside County.
The tranquil streets of a Sunday Triathlon can typically be found on a sunny, yet crisp, Southern California day.
Known as the “flat & fast” course, the 12 mile bike ride has the triathlete cycling down the Domenigoni Highway.
Domenigoni Parkway showcases the beautiful San Jacinto Mountains from the eastside.
In the 50 meter heated pool at West Valley High, triathletes will swim 150 meters (up & back 3 times).
Cool finisher medals and hardware.